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Our site is dedicated to the martial arts, giving you specific information on Tuite, Ryukyu-Kempo, Karate, Pressure Points, Kyusho-Jitsu, Small-Circle Jujitsu, Grappling, Knock out techniques and more. Whether you are looking for self-protection, self-defense or just some exercise, this site contains all the information you will need.

DKI members, please contact Mr Dillman directly to order patches,
certificates, or purchase DVD's or Books for re-sale.
E-mail: dillmankarate@yahoo.com

Dear Martial Arts Enthusiast,
I've spent fifty-plus years in the martial arts, twenty-five of these years searching for the secrets that other people only talked about. In this period of time I have studied, researched, and traveled all over the world studying with great masters and working with medical personnel (neurologists) to turn up what we have found-- the Dillman method of pressure point self-defense.

This information is too important and vital to the world of martial arts to allow it to be lost should I pass away (as it has in the past when some of the original developers of our martial arts systems died). I have put this information into my book series for those who like to read, and on DVDs for those who prefer viewing. I wanted to ensure that this information was preserved for posterity.

George A. Dillman

Pressure Point Fighting Secrets of Ryukyu Kempo
New book by George Dillman with Chris Thomas. Buy Now!

320 pages, 750+ photos and illustrations
7x10 soft cover — $34.95
Click here to view sample pages!

Hey!!! New Book, Life Story...

Autographed/Limited Edition (only 500)
(HARD COVER, with Gold Leaf)
272 Pages, over 100 photos and illustrations, 6x9
$50.00 within the USA - includes shipping.
Additional postage required for shipments outside the USA.

'China Tour'
Hosted by Grandmaster George Dillman

Professionally recorded five DVD set. Buy Now!

Dillman China Tour Dillman China Tour
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Relive all your favorite moments from the October 2006 seminar in Milton Keynes hosted by Grandmaster Paul Bowman, 8th Dan. Includes bonus footage from the Combat Magazine Hall of Fame and BBC Interview.

An amazing day of priceless teaching all squeezed onto two DVDs! A must for all martial artists of all grades or anyone who is looking for a real self defense. Buy Now! View Video Clip

Photo Copyright 2008, Ken Hills
Bruce Lee, Dan Pai, George Dillman
Bruce Lee, Dan Pai, George Dillman

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