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Pressure Point Fighting Secrets of Ryukyu Kempo The most cherished fighting methods of the martial arts have been preserved in practice patterns called kata or forms. But, these patterns were not only intended to assist warriors in rehearsing their techniques, they were also designed to conceal those same techniques from the uninitiated. Now, George A. Dillman and Chris Thomas reveal the Secrets of Pressure Point Fighting in unprecedented detail. It is a must for all who practice martial arts and value the ancient wisdom of the world's greatest warriors. Click here to view sample pages!

7 x 10 in., 320 pages -- $34.95 (soft cover)

Chapter One:
Karate & Ryukyu Kempo
Chapter Two:
Technical Distinctions
Chapter Three:
Pressure Points
Chapter Four:
Learning Points
Chapter Five:
Energy Restoration
Chapter Six:
Techniques of Kyusho-Jitsu
Chapter Seven:
Specific Kata Techniques
Appendix A:
Grabbing the Wrist Points
Appendix B:
How to Catch a Punch
Appendix C:
Altered States of Consciousness

Kyusho-Jitsu: The Dillman Method of Pressure Point Fighting is a high interest subject for a wide range of readers including martial artists of all systems, policemen, firemen, medical professionals, and acupuncturists. Reveals the secrets of karate suppressed for generations! Includes: history, striking techniques, pressure point attacks, and self-defense.

9 x 10.5 in., 272 pages -- $34.95 (soft cover)

Chapter One:
Kata and Pressure Points
Chapter Two:
Principles of Kyusho-Jitsu
Chapter Three:
The Pressure Points
Chapter Four:
Basic Tuite Waza
Chapter Five:
Naihanchi Kata
Chapter Six:
Bunkai / Common Incorrect Applications
Chapter Seven:
Ryukyu Kempo Bunkai
Advanced Concepts In Tuite

Advanced Pressure Point Fighting. Highly visual, easy-to-read! A great companion to Kyusho-Jitsu. Precise anatomical location of pressure points coupled with diagrams, and striking methods. Includes energy flow charts, how to use the meridians to your advantage for pressure point self-defense. Application of pressure point striking within kata or form, and how to find pressure point techniques within movements in your system.

"Dillman's theory will totally change the way future generations learn karate!" -- Black Belt Magazine

9 x 10.5 in., 500+ photos and illustrations, 272 pages -- $34.95 (soft cover)

Sold Out!

Chapter One:
History of Ryukyu Kempo
Chapter Two:
Principles of Tuite
Chapter Three:
The Pressure Points
Chapter Four:
Advanced Tuite Waza
Chapter Five:
Tuite Defense Against Simple Assaults
Chapter Six:
Tuite Defense Against Complex Assaults
Chapter Seven:
Advanced Concepts in Tuite
Chapter Eight:
Tuite as Bunkai
Point Striking Hand Configurations

Advanced Pressure Point Grappling. The most advanced book on pressure points and grappling in the world. Relates to acupuncture, acupressure and Western medicine. Includes self-defense utilizing the pressure points and shows the interrelationship of pressure point striking and the grappling arts.

"Dillman's books are best sellers" -- Associated Publisher's Group

Over 700 photos and easy-to-study illustrations.
A large 9 x 10.5 in. book, 360 pages -- $39.95 (soft cover)

Little Jay Learns Karate SPECIAL:
Get "Little Jay
Learns Karate" for
only $5 with any
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Little Jay Learns Karate. This is the story of how Little Jay learned Karate. At first, he wants his grandfather to teach him to fight so that if Harry Hawk, the class bully, ever hurts him again Little Jay can hurt him back. Little Jay's grandfather knows that it's time to teach Little Jay the fighting art. He begins by telling Little Jay the story of how, when he was young, the class bully pushed him around too. Then his mother took him to his grandfather's house, where his grandfather and uncle began to do what looked at first like a dance, but which also had moves that looked like punches and kicks. When they were finished, his grandfather said, 'This is called Kata. It contains the secrets of our family fighting art. To most people it looks like a dance. But I will teach you to see what is really there...'

By Chris Thomas and George & Kim Dillman,
Illustrated by Dan Rosandich, Reading, PA
5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 48 pages -- $9.95 (soft cover)

Pressure Points Made Easy

Pressure Point Karate Made Easy: A Guide to the Dillman Pressure Point Method for Beginners and Younger Martial Artists. By George A. Dillman with Chris Thomas. 144 pages, 204 photos, 94 illustrations, 7 X 10 inches layflat binding. Practical self-defense, explained in words and photos. Includes illustrations showing the pressure points used in the self-defense techniques. Material suitable for the whole family! What a book!

By George A. Dillman with Chris Thomas,
7 x 10, 144 pages -- $14.95

Sold Out!

Humane Pressure Point Self-Defense: by George A. Dillman with Chris Thomas. 7x10 inches, high quality paperback book. Principles of pressure point self defense -- creating advantage. Perfect for business persons, law enforcement personnel, men, and women. Contains 600 photos and diagrams, and 264 pages of step by step instruction.

By George A. Dillman with Chris Thomas
7x10, 264 pages -- $24.95




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